Investing in Immovable property

NRI Taxation / Investing in Immovable property


Investing in Immovable property

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) are allowed to purchase property in India, with the exception of agricultural land, plantation property, and farmhouses.
Such property may either be

  • Acquired through purchase by them.
  • Received as a gift from a resident or a relative.
  • Inherited from either a resident or a non-resident.

The payment for property acquisition must be conducted using funds received in India through legitimate banking channels, either by means of inward remittances from outside India or through debits to their NRE/ FCNR (B)/ NRO accounts. NRIs and OCIs are allowed to transfer immovable property, excluding agricultural land, plantation property, or farmhouses, to:

  • An individual residing outside India who holds Indian citizenship.
  • An individual of Indian origin residing outside India.
  • An individual residing in India