Accounting & Book-keeping services for businesses

We offer outsourcing services for bookkeeping and accounting functions to businesses in Australia. This allows businesses to concentrate on their core competencies while our office in India efficiently manages their accounting needs.

Returning NRI

  •  Determining tax and regulatory residential status and exploring tax benefits upon returning to India.
  • Strategizing the timing of arrival in India to mitigate global tax obligations.
  • Managing non-resident banking accounts when returning to India and addressing their tax implications.
  • Handling foreign assets, including real estate and investments, whether retaining or selling them.
  • Overseeing foreign-sourced income and assets in compliance with Indian regulatory requirements.
  • Planning for retirement, which includes managing retirement funds held abroad and understanding the taxation of social security benefits received abroad.
  • Filing tax returns in both India and abroad, as well as claiming tax treaty benefits to prevent double taxation of income.